Offer for NPO

Why choose Avantage SMB?

Avantage SMB easily manages the essential aspects of your organization, including accounting, salaries and tax obligations. Avantage SMB also combines functions specifically designed to ensure the smooth functioning of an NPO, including:

Managing pre-authorized debits
by clients or donors

Managing tax exemptions

Creating and printing of donation receipts
(registered charitable organizations only)

Keeping a donations log (registered charitable organizations only)

Which packages are offered?

Plan Progression SE

Suitable for most
non-profit organizations


$1500 value

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Plan Implication SE

Ideal for non-profit organizations
that must manage by project


$2600 value

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Detailed features

Progression SE

Implication SE

Function of your software
Automatic bank reconciliation
Accounts receivable (receivables) and accounts payable (payables)
Manage salaries and employee files
Financial statements
Manage liquidities
Transfer data to the professional accountant
Integrated project management (revenues, expenses, salaries, reports, etc.)
Hourly invoicing
Service and support
Technical support and updates for 12 months
Support from a technician to install and configure the software
A 3 hour basic group web training session (free for the first person, $25 for each additional participant)
A 33% discount on all group web training sessions in the 90 days following the purchase

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