Compatible Software

Here is the list of applications developed by the designers registered in the Developer program.

These complementary solutions can be added on to Avantage software in order to meet the specific needs of certain sectors, including, for example, construction, professional accounting, and manufacturing.

Compatible Software


Transfer data from ABS to Avantage

DMIB inc.

514 626-1520


Design product labels or customized product items. Product and customer selection is made according to various criteria. Labels can also be printed n batches using the Inventory module.

GPX Technologies Inc.

819 346-7000


Manage the sales and inventories of several stores with a single database.

GPX Technologies Inc.

819 346-7000


ACTIVI-T is used to manage time and expenses by project and by employee. The software also manages expense accounts, hour banks and information on customers and projects. ACTIVI-T also does billing (summary or detailed) and can be used to follow up on budget maturity dates. ACTIVI-T also contains a time clock module.

ACTIVI-T integrates with Acomba, so that customer data is entered once. The invoicing, expense account management, transfer of hours and allocation of supplier invoices modules are also directly linked to the accounting software.


450 933-3897


ACTIVI-T BIZ simplifies the management of quotations, customer orders and work orders. Our direct link with Avantage can be used to transfer your customer orders and work order to open orders in your general ledger. The ACTIVI-T BIZ CRM approach includes several functionalities, including follow-up of your deadlines, configurable fields for your customer files, invoice preview, search and targeting tools, etc.


450 933-3897


ACTIVI-T Client is an extension to manage information and activities concerning your clients. You can add new information fields for your clients, create multiple contacts per client and follow up on your deadlines. It offers more than 40 search fields and can be used to perform searches by products purchased by your clients. The filter tools can also be used to produce targeted client lists.

ACTIVI-T has its own document management module which can be used to associate all types of documents with your clients. This module can be used to automate the production of customized letters and mass mailing (paper or by email).

ACTIVI-T Client offers a complete multiple user collaborative agenda system, which also integrates the follow-up of room or equipment reservations. And much more…


450 933-3897

Allumage F & I (WebShowRoom)

WebShowRoom is used to efficiently manage customer proposals, follow-ups, enter invoices, supplier purchases, expenses per vehicle, vehicle inventory, mechanical workshop, sales contracts and sales reports and statistics. The software is easy to use and facilitates your daily operations. You can also make transfers to the DealerTrack, IA-Unifi, SSQ, Humania and Leclerc Assurance partners.


Groupe CTEI

418 843-6444


ANNUI-T Plus is a financial calculator to manage financings for both creditors and borrowers. For example, a number of changes can be made to a loan amortization schedule: Change the payment, stop payment, change the interest rate, new cash advance, etc.

ANNUIT-T Plus can also be used to generate accounting entries for financings and import them into your accounting software, generate several reports to follow up on your financings, generate several worksheets to facilitate the preparation of your financial statements, collect electronic payments using the bank transfers module.

Utilimax Inc.

819 847-2663


For production management: bill of materials, data collection with bar coding, purchasing, etc. all integrated in real time with Avantage.


819 378-1799


  • Improved accounts receivable auxiliary (multicurrency).
  • Complete inventory auxiliary (multiple warehouse and multicurrency).
  • Invoicing system with integrated Desjardins POS terminals.
  • Transactional website to place orders, pay by credit card, direct payment or PayPal.
  • “Ship-Debit” from purchases and sales, with reports for several manufactures, such as ABB, OMRON, etc.

GPX Technologies Inc.

819 346-7000


classeDoc is electronic document management (EDM) software which has an optical character recognition (OCR) system to effortlessly classify your documents. The task management functionality is included in the software to maximize your efficiency and simplify the management of your internal documents.


450 239-0512


CyberTrace is the solution to manage your production line while keeping a traceability of batches, from beginning to end. Follow each step: receiving, storage, transformation, shipping and billing.


514 321-4100 extension 27


The DSAV-CRM-AVANTAGE application is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that integrates with Avantage SMB. It synchronizes customer, prospect, supplier, employee, product and project folders. For each customer, the application provides access to statistics on sales, orders, quotations, invoices, open orders, credits, tracking, documents, forms and targets. Tracking can be managed by file and agendas by issuer (offer, call, visit, support, complaint, receivable, etc.) and by recipient (seller, employee, sub-contractor, etc.).

The software generates labels, letters, targets, forms, reports, emails and faxes by subject or criteria. It can also be used to classify files (DOC, VLS, PDP, MSG) and documents (Word, Excel, Outlook, Email, Fax, etc.) by folder. The software can be accessed with a tablet or cellphone via a terminal server.


514 952-9347


E-commerce lets you create a public online shop or a private inter-company e-commerce platform. Online transactions are directly linked to the accounting and inventory components of your Avantage SMB software.


Emyx Horo

Emyx Horo is a punch clock application for mobile devices adapted to companies whose operations are carried out at different workplaces. It tracks work hours, work schedules and time banks. The application also produces time sheets and can collect statistics on projects.

Estimation Plomberie

Estimation Plomberie performs all calculations needed for a quotation. It uses Allpriser catalogue updates for its prices. It has user-friendly input options (Take Off and other information). The software manages packages, batch price requests and purchase orders. It can also invoice work by the hour and transfer installed items. Estimation Plomberie calculates labour and material to be added while transferring purchase orders and costs by project to accounting. Possibility to work in a network.

Groupe CTEI

418 843-6444

Estimation Ventilation

Estimation Ventilation offers several functions to make the necessary calculations to create quotes (e.g. calculate sheet metal with automatic gauge selection).

Groupe CTEI

418 843-6444

ACCEO Estimation

ACCEO Estimation is used to make quick estimates, effectively follow quotes and obtain standardized prices in real time. This compatible software partners with several large electrical and plumbing product distributors.

ACCEO Solutions inc.

514 273-2795

Faster TMS

Faster TMS allows businesses that have employees on the road to automatically calculate routes and follow deliveries in real time, directly on a mobile phone. Making home service appointments for home care call centres can also be automated in order to inform the client of the arrival time.


Fully integrated management that includes the following modules: supplies, manufacturing (B.O.M. and product configurator), production, inventory, distribution and cost price (time capture).

CELIBEC Informatique

819 373-2367

Gestion Hôtelière

Gestion Hôtelière allows you to manage room reservations and services, prices by season, events, package deals, gift cards, meeting rooms, banquets and group reservations. With this compatible application, all of these operations can be linked directly to your accounting and receiving system.

Groupe CTEI

418 843-6444


Manage business processes by project: quotations, customer orders, invoicing. Monitor progress, cost price, work in progress, time card, transfer to payrolls. Customized billing.

GPX Technologies Inc.

819 346-7000

Inventory Management

Integrated with your Avantage accounting software, this application is used for multi-warehouse, multi-company inventory management and can also take into account the inventory available in a fleet of vehicles (trucks).

The most important feature of the application is the ability to get an overview of your inventory, even if you manage several companies and several warehouses.

Other useful functions:

  • Modify and create batch items
  • Modify batch rates
  • Edit inventory management statistics reports

DRC Solutions

418 849-8424


Allows an integrated ERP/MRP system to be used with Avantage. JobManagerTM offers tools to manage time cards, planning, quotation estimates, work orders and performance indicators.

GPX Technologies Inc.

819 346-7000


JobManLT is a complete project management tool: cost price, time cards, printing quotations, customized invoicing, mounting tools, distribution of profits to employees, etc.

GPX Technologies Inc.

819 346-7000


MIR-RT is a specialized software application for the maintenance and management of fleets, which increases productivity, reduces the risks of breakdowns and significantly reduces maintenance costs.

The primary functionalities included are:
Mechanic mode, manage work orders, manage units, plan preventive maintenance and corrections, manage inventory, manage orders, manage warranties and claims, manage suppliers, manage invoicing, manage fuel and fluids and manage tires.

The software connects to your Avantage accounting system, which eliminates all double data entry.

DataDis inc.

1 800 463-4040


Invoicing software integrating the GlobalPayment and Monetico POS terminals. Can be used with touchscreens and barcodes. Customized billing formats are also available. It can be synchronized with Acomba, Acomba X and Avantage.

GPX Technologies Inc.

819 346-7000

Maestria Pro Trace

The application is a manufacturing traceability solution that can be used to follow each step in the manufacturing process: Trace raw materials and the corresponding batches contained in the products. It makes production information available from a customer’s invoice or a supplier’s batch. It can be used to manage production data in real time, revenues and procedures, quality control, non-compliance, labelling, billing, shipping, inventories and cost price (losses). It helps to reduce the administrative load for standards such as GFSI, HACCP, GMP, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000 and PVA. It connects with scales and other equipment and is bar code and RFID compatible.

Maestria Solutions

418 690-2519

PME Symbiose

Modular ERP system to manage a manufacturing company: evolved MRP2 that allows the entrepreneur to control all aspects of his business, including production, in real time. User licenses are in purchase or rental mode.

Les Logiciels Softdelirium inc.

418 659-2517
1 866-659-2517


Point of sale terminal that works with touch screens, barcode readers and integrates Desjardins payment terminals. The application works on all platforms since it is a web application. It can be synchronized with Avantage.

GPX Technologies Inc.

Quotations and work orders

This software integrated with the Avantage general ledger is used to create work orders and quotations. It provides access to the “accounts receivable”, “products” and “employees” databases to manage work time.

The “Work Order” option allows for computer tracking of outstanding work orders, which helps to ensure that customers are indeed invoiced (a step which is sometimes forgotten with handwritten work orders).

Once entered, work orders can be transferred into open invoices in the Avantage accounting software, thereby avoiding dual entry, accelerating the processing of work orders and reducing the risk of error. Work orders can be entered by employees on the road with a tablet (PC or MAC).

The “Quotation” option can be used by sales representatives on the road to provide customers with quotations using a tablet (PC or MAC), send quotations by email to customers in PDF format and capture their signature directly on the tablet.

When entering a quotation, the software checks Avantage inventory data for the items in the quotation. Once validated, quotations can be transferred into orders on the Avantage accounting software.

DRC Solutions

418 849-8424

SEI Alimentation

Take orders from customers and suppliers through EDI communication. Inventory is done by batch management.

SEI Auto

Serving companies for over 30 years! Thanks to the relationships that we maintain with our customers, we have developed a specialized module for companies that operate in this sector.

SEI Bateau

Manage order forms, options in units and boat sale contracts. Integrated with the F&I Innovation software, you can also use it to order parts directly from suppliers, and follow the history of repairs by make, model or serial number.

SEI Camion

Manage purchase orders, options in units and truck sales contracts. You can also use it to follow up on warranties, order parts directly from suppliers and follow the history of truck repairs by make, model, plate or serial number.

SEI Distribution

Serving companies for over 30 years! Thanks to the relationships that we maintain with our customers, we have developed a specialized module for businesses that operate in this activity sector.

SEI Lift

Manage purchase orders, options in units and forklift sales contracts. You can also follow up on warranties, order parts directly from suppliers and follow the history of repairs by make, model or serial number.

SEI Location

Manage rental contracts, and follow-up on reservations, rentals and returns. Manage odometers, preventive maintenance and depreciation.

SEI Mécano

Manage purchase orders, follow up on warranties and order parts directly from suppliers. Possibility to follow the history of repairs of vehicles by make, model, plate or serial number.

SEI Moto

Manage purchase orders, options in units and motorcycle sales contracts. Integrated in the F&I Innovation software, you can also order parts directly from suppliers, and follow the history of repairs by make, plate, model or serial number.


Manage purchase orders, options in units and recreational vehicle sales contracts. Integrated in the F&I Innovation software, you can also follow up on warranties, order parts directly from suppliers, and follow the history of repairs by make, model or serial number.


Used to manage a transactional website integrated into inventories, orders and customer invoices.


SenSaaS is a cloud solution that intelligently manages the life cycle of documents in an outsourcing or internal work context. Automatic extraction and validation by user role functions result in faster processing of documents used in your business processes.

SenSaaS provides access to a secure environment to archive the data and images contained in your documents. Even though it is a cloud solution, the original documents remain in your computer at all times. The archiving service includes an unlimited number of users.

This compatible software can be used to process accounts payable, accounts receivable, purchase orders, human resources documents, delivery slips, contracts, claims and expense accounts.

SenSaaS does not require any installation and is accessible directly from a web portal.

ServiCentre ERP – Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The CRM provides a collaborative environment where employees can record and share relevant information on each prospect or customer.

For the sales manager: complete management of the sales cycle and follow-up of sales representatives activities, follow up of tenders submitted, create diversified and flexible reports, monitor and manage the performance of sale files.

For the sales representatives: effective processing of sale files, centralization of information collected, rapid identification of new sales opportunities, creation of professional and modifiable quotations.

For the marketing department: target the best potential customers, segment research, create customized campaigns based on customer habits, create new reports to measure the impact of operations, develop relationship marketing strategies.

Generally speaking, the ServiCentre CRM can be used to: qualify the needs of potential customers, follow up on communications with customers, manage sales representatives files and activities, manage advanced quotations, differentiate customers from prospects and manage marketing campaigns.


819 378-1799

ServiCentre ERP – Service Department

All information is automated and noted in the files. By being centralized in ServiCentre, your operations become more efficient, you have a real-time view of your service operations and you are able to improve the management of your service department.

Complete management of service calls and work orders, time and fee management, inventory and equipment management and service contracts management.


819 378-1799

ServiCentre ERP 360°

With the combination of its numerous modules and the multiple possibilities that it offers its users, ServiCentre is an ERP capable of following the evolution of SMBs as they grow. You can use ServiCentre to manage all of your business’s organizational processes and, since all your data and management operations are found in a unique environment, ServiCentre provides a 360° vision of your business.


819 378-1799

ServiCentre ERP – Manufacturer

Accurately and easily identify the raw materials required to assemble each of your products, calculate the manufacturing time and determine the human resources required to complete your assembly orders.

Obtain the information required for the smooth operation of your production: inventory available and reserved, procurement, cost price, revenues, production time, etc.


819 378-1799

ServiCentre ERP – Mobility

The ServiCentre modules meant for the activity sectors that require travel can now be accessed from most smartphones and tablets. We propose a series of performing tools dedicated to your staff on the road and/or who must work outside the physical work locations.

All of your sales representatives will have tools to consult and update their files and activities and will be able to immediately invoice their interventions. As for your delivery persons, in addition to being able to invoice immediately, they can review their delivery route and print the invoice or send it to the customer by email. Your sub-contractors or your good customers can do the same, which avoids double entry for you by giving them limited and secure access.


819 378-1799

ServiCentre ERP – Project Management

Plan, budget and follow the progress of your projects in real time, while being proactive in decision-making, cost control, tasks and resources. Have direct access to vital information: actual profitability, cost price, progress of projects underway, commitments, etc.

Strictly monitor all costs and resources involved in the achievement of your projects through the complete coverage of the timesheet approval process and posting payroll.


819 378-1799

ServiCentre ERP – E-commerce

The e-commerce module manages the content of your transactional site according to what you decide: products, price, discounts, photos and product descriptions. It manages the display of content on the web, takes orders and sends the confirmation to the customer based on your pre-established settings. The module logs on to your Acomba software in real time. Its bilingual interface is customizable according to your needs and tastes. Whether your transactions are carried out with consumers (B2C) or businesses (B2B), the module adapts to the nature of your transactions and harmonizes with the current structure of your website.


819 378-1799

ServiCentre Mobile – Application

ServiCentre Mobile is used as a complement to the ServiCentre ERP 360° integrated management application, a modular solution fully integrated with Avantage. The primary ServiCentre ERP 360° modules are Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Manufacturing Management, Service Department.

With the ServiCentre Mobile application you can: complete your work orders on the road, obtain your clients’ signature, review the history of interventions with your client and your client’s equipment, geolocate your technicians and clients, manage appointments, automate photo taking and attach your documents, automate the sending of documents by email


819 378-1799


The SIG-BI function can be used to compile and synthesize your Avantage data and convert it into customized reports. Produce various types of reports using MS-Excel pivot tables. SIG-Liaison can be used to produce comparative financial statements on a monthly or annual basis, by project, by activity, for the current year and previous year, and to calculate ratios and percentages.

Micro Services SIG

450 601-5526


Designed for the agricultural field, SigmaGrain includes a series of functions that simplify daily operations, such as automatic calculation of deductions for humidity and impurities, follow up on current transactions, inventory tracking by storage site and by silo, calculation of cumulative on multi levels and transfer to the accounting system and other related systems.


514 312-4312


SigmaRecyc is a software application designed specifically for weighing vehicles and managing the transit of residual materials. It also manages container rentals.

Designed for sorting centers, Ecocentres, recyclers, transfer stations and landfill sites, it offers the company’s management real time access to the results of all operations via two management tools: the dashboard and the pivot table.


514 312-4312


SigmaScale is a software application designed specifically for weighing vehicles and managing the transit of residual materials for the road construction field and for major projects, as well as for port facilities and soil decontamination sites.


514 312-4312

SigmaScale Lite

SigmaScale Lite is a flexible weighing system that can be configured to your management needs. The software can work with an operator at the scale or in automatic mode. Its user-friendly interface provides a series of functions that simplify your daily operations. With its easy to use terminal for the automatic mode, all drivers are able to easily perform their weighing tasks.


514 312-4312

SiS Access Control

SiS Access Control manages and controls entrances to and exits from your sites, buildings and events with modern tools such as biometry (digital fingerprints), RFID, barcodes, electronic gates, electronic locks, turnstiles and much more.

SiS Activities and Courses

This compatible software is used to manage and plan course schedules for teachers and activity schedules for monitors. It is also used to make online reservations, at point of sale or by telephone. SIS Activities and Courses manages the rental or purchase of equipment and integrates the RL-24.

SiS Bar & Bistro

SiS Bar & Bistro manages purchases, tips, inventory, suppliers and many other items. It is also used to create different menus (cocktails, beverages, wines, beers, etc.) and special offers (combos, packages, etc.).

SiS Lodging

SiS Lodging manages reservations, maintenance and camping locations, hotels, motels, campuses and any other rental space. This compatible application is also used to create customized packages.

SiS Loyalty

This compatible software is used to manage and create tools to develop customer loyalty, such as point cards, token cards, movie passes, season passes, family passports and gift cards. These tools can take different forms (card, RFID wristband, key fob, self-adhesive stickers, etc. ).

SiS Restaurant

SiS Restaurant manages sales, tips, stocks, inventory and suppliers with a single application. It is also used to create personalized menus, combos, package deals and send orders to the kitchen.

SiS Store

SiS Store manages the sale and rental of products, inventory, suppliers and accounts with a single application.

SiS Ticketing

SiS Ticketing manages the online sale and reservation of tickets at point of sale or by telephone. It is used to plan and customize events, rooms with limited or unlimited spaces, with or without numbered seats.


TecsarPunch is used to manage the time worked, time banks, absenteeism, schedules and reminders.

The application calculates hours for holiday pay at the rate of 1/20 and overtime by the day or by the week.

TecsarPunch can be linked to several payroll software applications.

9254 – 6134 Québec inc.

514 360-1271


Viridem is a document management, archiving and workflow management solution. It can be used to define and optimize the processes surrounding your documents. Adapting to you and constantly evolving, Viridem structures the archiving, classification and centralization of your papers towards digital, making them instantly accessible.


819 604-6886

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