Asset management

Document your vehicles, land, buildings, equipment.
Simplify the calculation of depreciation and financing.

A complete and flexible directory
for all your fixed assets

  • Easily access all information that concerns your fixed assets.
  • Customize the fields of your directory to catalog
    information adapted to your specific types of assets.
  • Follow the history of each asset, from acquisition to disposal.

A tool to calculate depreciation
quickly and easily

  • Automatically calculate the net value and depreciation of each asset
    or category of asset.
  • Create several depreciation profiles and simultaneously obtain the net value
    from an accounting, taxation or other point of view.

An accurate instrument to follow
your financing and expenses

  • Automatically prepare your depreciation schedules.
  • Change the calculation parameters as often as you want
    (interest rates, payments, etc.).
  • Closely track your expenses.

A platform to produce clear and useful data

  • Export entries related to acquisitions, disposals, depreciations
    and loan payments to your software or an Excel document.
  • Easily generate detailed reports of your assets, operating expenses,
    depreciation and loans.
  • Calculate the value of assets taking into account maintenance fees and taxes
    to make sure you make a profit when an asset is sold.
  • Import supplier invoices entered in your Avantage software, directly in Fixed Assets Management System.

Asset management


Asset Inventory and History
Hundred-year calendar lets you keep track of your assets from acquisition to disposal
Directory of asset information (e.g., initial cost, residual and market value, acquisition and disposal dates, references for billing, tracking of expenses according to type, financing details, depreciation methods, laws and taxation) accessible at all times
Option of saving notes on management of depreciated assets (e.g., location, supplier, model or style, components), expenses (suppliers, agreements, warranties), loans (e.g., financial institutions, contacts), laws, and taxation
Depreciation Calculation
More than 10 000 depreciation scenarios supported
Automatic calculation of net value and depreciation of each asset or asset category for any given date or period
Creation of multiple depreciation profiles while obtaining net value from an accounting, tax, or other perspective
Option of entering acquisitions, disposals, and depreciation adjustments, and instantly viewing results
Easy modification of depreciation methods
Tracking of Financing and Expenses
Flexible calculation of loan reimbursement schedules at any time, on an annual and monthly basis
Quick modification of calculation parameters (e.g., interest rates, payments, balance adjustments based on bank confirmation, cancelled or advanced payments) and option of saving previous values
Printing and display of modified results as of date of modification
General information on loan or lease and collateral
Tracking of expenses
List of assets (sorting and printing of assets according to the criteria of your choice)
Operating expenses
Depreciation calculations
Loan reimbursement schedule

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