Create powerful applications and market them with the Developer Program!

The Avantage team offers developers a chance to use their talents and share their creations.

With access to documentation and SDK updates, developers can create new functionalities or make existing ones easier to use in order to meet the specific needs of certain industries.

Developing your own application can facilitate not only your own work, but also the work of others. This is why we give you the chance to market your application.

Packages and features



Add-In Plus



Ideal for developers who wish to market their applications


Partner Plus

Ideal for developers who are looking for greater visibility


Access to the Avantage SDK
Access to updates
E-mail tech support: [email protected]
Visibility on the Avantage website
Visibility on the Acomba website
Access to the Acomba SDK
Integration with Acomba GO via ACCEO Connecte*

*On request

Developers' Corner: Addition or modification of compatible software

You must be subscribed to the Developers Program to have your compatible software displayed on the Avantage website. To enrol in the Program, refer to the previous table.

Add compatible software

Developer information

Compatible software information

Modify existing compatible software

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