The perfect solution for careful oversight of your company's financial operations.

Whether you are a manager, a company controller, accounting technician or any other accounting professional, Avantage Financial is the perfect tool to improve and simplify the management of your operations.

Avantage Financial complements your accounting management software so that you can do even more.

Synchronize your data with a simple click and benefit from a peak performing tool.

Flexible financial statements

Closely follow your company's financial situation with flexible and easy to analyze financial statements which will help you make informed business decisions.

Consolidation of financial statements

Consolidate the financial statements of your various companies in order to benefit from a fair view of their financial situation.

Detailed budget

Plan a detailed and simple budget to follow in order to efficiently manage your company's finances and ensure you reach your goals.

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Financial reports and statements
Customized layout of General Ledger accounts in statements
Creation of subtotals, totals and groupings
Creation of income and balance sheet schedules
Financial statements per project available with the Implication and Integration solutions for SMBs
Statements across 2 columns, 3 columns, 3-column comparative statements, 2x2 columns, 13-14 columns
Option of creating and saving debt redemption schedules
Manage and print financial ratios
Company consolidation
Consolidation of the trial balance and annual general ledger
Option of adding consolidation entries
Possibility of grouping several accounts from companies into a single consolidated company account
Consolidation of projected financial statements of several companies
Budget management
Five-year budget presentation enabling various comparisons
For each budget period, option of defining a variable rate credit line, minimum cash balance, minimum loan range, and maximum credit line amount
Option of using simple formulas to create variables that can be included in it
Automatic or manual stock calculation, with or without minimum stocks
Option of entering amounts based on an increase in dollars or percentage compared to historical data
During budget building, real time view of statement of income, balance sheet and cash flow
Integration of actual amounts in the budget during the year

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